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Wand-Paper-Scissors Book Club Curriculum Leader's Guide


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A Book Club curriculum that truly speaks to the 21st century child.

A Harry Moon Book Club is a place for kids to read, discuss and imagine about some of life’s most challenging questions in a safe environment. A place where every kid can dwell in possibility. 


What’s so special about Harry Moon?

A lot! It's wholesome, Biblically Anchored, and innovative. Where will you find a kid role model who will teach your kids to love God, love life, respect nature, help their fellow schoolmates, befriend their enemies, honor their body, not label people too quickly, seek wisdom from their elders, guide younger kids, control their passion, remain curious and accept that life will have trouble? Nowhere but in Harry Moon Wand-Paper-Scissors. 

Based on the bestselling Harry Moon books from Rabbit Publishers, the Wand-Paper-Scissors study guide will help your students: 
  • Discover Biblical truths inside a 21st century story 
  • Find answers to some of life’s most challenging questions
  • Develop critical reading and listening skills
This five session, literary-based curriculum inspires kids to read and interpret the Harry Moon's Wand-Paper-Scissors using a shared questions method of discussion. 


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