OVER 400,000 IN PRINT!

To Our Valued Educators and Readers

At Harry Moon, our readers and teachers are family. And during these extraordinary times, we are committed to ensuring our family of young readers continue to learn and embrace the power of a great story.

I am announcing today that we are suspending the production of hard-backed Harry Moon and Honey Moon books that have made the Harry Moon series the #1 middle school series in America with more than 400,000 in print. 

In its place, we are giving away our 10-book Harry Moon and Honey Moon ebook library to each child to be read at home as part of the thousands of e-learning programs instituted across the country during the virus pandemic.

There will be absolutely no charge for any child to receive in their own homes the Harry Moon series. We are completely absorbing the $169.00 ebook series price for each child to have the Harry Moon and Honey Moon books as their own. 

We want our young readers to read. It’s as simple as that. 

Since Harry Moon books reached the hands of young readers 3 years ago, we have heard from kids, teachers and parents everywhere of the enthusiasm our readers brought to the stories. Children that had n
ever read a book were reading Harry Moonhttps://www.instagram.com/harrymoonbooks/
In this distance-learning moment where we need children to be enthusiastic about learning and readingHarry Moon and Honey Moon are our contribution to the greater cause. 

Please let me know of your interest in this library for your children. There is a one-time $295 licensing charge for each school for an unlimited number of children's Harry Moon series downloads. 

Contact me at thmblck@gmail.com and I will forward you the necessary paperwork and instructions for releasing the books to your children.

More to come from Harry Moon.

Thank you for being a loyal Harry Moon reader.

Thom Black
Creator, Harry Moon