This five session, literary-based curriculum inspires tweens to read and interpret the Harry Moon Graphic novel, INKADINK, using a shared questions method of discussion. Tweens explore those ideas via The Amazing IMAGINATOR ACTIVATOR—an interactive journal where every kid dwells in possibility.

For five sessions, you and your kids will read Harry Moon: INKADINK, embarking on a guided discussion of the session’s readings. One of the unique aspects of The Harry Moon Graphic Novel VBS, is that it is nearly 100% kid-driven. But don’t worry, there are lots of cool tools to help leaders guide the discussion.

Harry Moon’s Graphic Novel Book Club is about leaders and parents helping young people live out biblical morals with clarity and understanding while nurturing their creative spirit and imagination. Discussing important life values helps kids build lasting relationships and make good decisions rooted in a thoughtful and biblical faith.

Tell me a story. 
What a great invitation, an opportunity to visit a world beyond our own, to participate in triumph, to learn from pain and to feel love. It is the call of story that ignites The Harry Moon Book Club. The Harry Moon’s Graphic Novel Club is story in community, FIVE LIFE CHANGING DISCUSSIONS and a place where kids discover great and personal truths with the help of a teenage hero, his rabbit and the special friends in his life.

What would happen if every kid could dwell in possibility?
It would change everything. The Harry Moon Graphic Novel Book Club is about nurturing your kids’ ability to  search for answers, discover truth, and to see God in creative and imaginative ways. A tween’s imagination is nurtured when they are given opportunities to solve problems, explore, experiment  and discuss. Statistics prove that young people who are given more time to be creative and use their imaginations become more successful and happy adults. 

Teach Wholesomeness
The Harry Moon Graphic Novel Club CELEBRATES VIRTUE—does not hide it under a bushel or pull it out on special occasions. There are no better role models than Harry Moon and his friends.


In INKADINK, Harry Moon and his invisible guide, Rabbit, battle evil in Sleepy Hollow. Because there will always be trouble in the world, Harry learns there will always be enemies to love—the heart of the Christian ethos.

Everyone's talking about the book club!

“I am in the 8th grade. I loved HARRY MOON…make believe and amazing writing into one book. Harry will do anything to save the town he loves so much. I can’t wait to talk about it with other kids. “
— Charles, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

“The Harry Moon book club is the most innovative and creative curriculum I’ve seen. A sure fire way to inspire kids to make good decisions in today’s world.”
— Jason, Indianapolis, Indiana

“Some of the lines in HARRY MOON felt like verses from the Bible, but they weren’t coming across as quotations from the Bible. Characters in the book would say things without referencing that it’s from the Bible. I loved that." 
— Matt, Evansville, Indiana

"HARRY MOON was my first graphic novel. The drawings were wonderful. Loved the story being told in that way. Harry and his rabbit have a most interesting relationship and the most fascinating conversations.  I can’t wait to explore the discussion opportunities in the classroom with the book club curriculum." 
— Lima, Charleston, South Carolina

“HARRY MOON is just a wonderful graphic novel. I find myself making Biblical analogies and metaphors while reading Harry with the kids. I am so glad to see this curriculum make its debut. It makes really great connections between characters and ideas with the Bible. LOVE IT!!“              

— Denise, Fort Smith, Arkansas

“HARRY MOON doesn’t talk down to children. It honors their intelligence and encourages curiosity. What an important book for a child to read and discuss.”
— Leslie, Thornton, Colorado