Graphic Novel Book Club Student Kit


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Harry Moon’s Graphic Novel Book Club is about leaders and parents helping young people live out biblical morals with clarity and understanding while nurturing their creative spirit and imagination. Discussing important life values helps kids build lasting relationships and make good decisions rooted in a thoughtful and biblical faith.

What would happen if every kid could dwell in possibility?
It would change everything. The Harry Moon Graphic Novel Book Club is about nurturing your kids’ ability to  search for answers, discover truth, and to see God in creative and imaginative ways. 

A tween’s imagination is nurtured when they are given opportunities to solve problems, explore, experiment  and discuss. Statistics prove that young people who are given more time to be creative and use their imaginations become more successful and happy adults.

In the custom Student Messenger Bags:

  Inkadink hard cover book

  Imaginator Activator interactive journal

  INKADINK DVD, the movie

  Harry Moon Gold Reader Library Card

  Certificate of Friendship

  Good Mischief bracelet and poster

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